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The return of digital fairy


I was cruising around online... and found this thing!!

And there are big fat promises to get it up and running again.

Gosh, I'm such a fleeting person. Now you see me, now you don't.

Here I am at church. Here I am in a drama group. Here I am being a nanny. Here I am studying photography.

Will she ever make up her mind?!


Since this diary was active, things have changed a lot again! Studying photography didn't work out - maybe I'm not made out for that kind of education/learning situation. I just seem to go against the system a lot!

I went to New Zealand for about a year - this time not be a nanny, but I did work in a daycare centre and preschool for the entire time. Full time work, so I didn't get much time to explore the country.... but I did get a tattoo done, and I got up to Whangarei for a fair bit of sailing!

Came home after a year, mooched around doing sod all for a month or so, then got a job in a local primary school as a playworker, and have been doing that since May '08. Also now doing NVQ2 in playwork and doing all sorts of local council courses regarding child safety and all that.

All good!

It's all good!

But I still like taking pictures, so.... here goes another bash at making this diary worthwhile!

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