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I was born and raised in Kent, England, which was probably quite nice. I kind of like it here. Although the government sucks quite a lot but don't even get me started on that.

I started out my life by pushing my way through ahead of my twin brother, and the first year was probably spent crying and craving all the attention while my brother sat quietly and observed.

I've been told I was loud and expressive. Not a lot of things change, I guess. Except these days I can be quite a bit reserved too. And very shy. I guess it all depends on who I'm with and what mood I'm in. But mostly I'm outgoing and bubbly, if a little introverted (does that sound like a contradiction or what?!).

Some friends in New Zealand summed me up like this: bubbly but gentle.

That's me.

I was raised in a Christian home. The whole Sunday school every week and church camp and church activities was the bain of my life. For ages. I do still believe. And I do still go to church. Occassionally. But I'm not so naive these days and I guess I can be quite the cynic when it comes to a lot of things.

But on the whole, I take on the whole "love others like Christ would love them" mentality so I can come across... nice. Nice, and easy to talk to. And gentle. And... just nice, I guess. I'm never out to pick a fight. In fact, I don't like much conflict.

I'm too diplomatic for conflict.

When I was 13, my twin and I got pulled out of school and we were home educated. I've found this intrigues a lot of people. Firstly, to answer the ever popular question, "why?".

Well ... for lots of reasons. The main one being that Kris (my twin) is very dyslexic, but the school we were in weren't very helpful. He was in and out of special education needs so much, and I guess my parents found it frustrating. We know people who have educated for a long time, so I guess my parents took advice from them. And they pulled us both out, so at least we'd have each other home rather than one at home and one at school.
There were also loads of family difficulties at the time and it just seemed to make sense to home educate. I don't know what else to say. It was simply a family decision. What works for one child, doesn't work for another. And what works best for one family, doesn't for another. That's the way I see it.
And to answer the "social" question. Yes, I socialised like any other normal teen. I had friends. And it was good.

When I was 16 I studied performing arts at college. But I hated it. So I dropped out. I love dance and drama and anything to do with theatre, but for some reason I did not get on with the course I was doing. It just wasn't me.

So I got a job. And it was mind numbingly boring. But nevermind!

When I was 18, I ventured off to New Zealand on my own to be a live-in nanny. That was quite the experience. I had a 4 year old girl named Romilly, and a 7 year old boy named Jack. They were crazy characters and I love them dearly. I miss them. Along with the other kids I looked after while I was out there, and all the friends I made.
I totally got into sailing while I was out there. I've always loved water anyway, and I love the beach in general. If I had to choose between any kind of water to swim in, it would be the ocean. No two ways. So anyway, I loved going out on the boat. That was fabulous. New found love!

Then in February 2006, my old man back in England had a heart attack, so I came home ASAP. No fear, Dad was fine. Very weak and ill, but alive! He was in hospital for about a week, then at home for ages. All's good now. He's healthier than before.

But I was back to square one. So it was back to work, and narrowing down ideas of something to study at college. I narrowed it down to photography, which has been a hobby of mine for years.

Talking of hobbies, I love photography, fire poi (or fire twirling. although I don't usually set them alight. I also use ribbons or glow sticks, or even flags), playing guitar, 3D design, web & graphic design, and... I dunno... reading. And driving. And swimming. And on the rare occassion, a bit of rugby.

So I don't know where this leaves me.

I guess... it leaves me here.

This is just a photo blog. So I (and whoever else may read this) can see how I progress over the next few years.

It's going to be interesting, so watch this space.

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